Freda Line

Land, seas and skies painter

Freda specialises in skies, seas and landscapes – whether dramatic or sublime. She uses layers of subtle colour to capture the light, emphasise mood and generate emotion. ‘I always start with multiple sketches of a location and then often take forward my ideas with charcoal trying to capture the rhythm and sense of place. The options are then either to work on small, multiple, paper pieces or on large slowly worked-up acrylic paintings. Photo-realism is not my style – I think that’s what we have cameras for. Interpretation, impressions and feelings drive my work.’ Freda has studied with Alison Orchard, Christopher Baker and Paul Wadsworth amongst others. Having established a clear style, Freda is always looking to move forward and develop her work so that she can bring the joy and excitement of landscape into people’s homes.

Telephone: 07952178429