Jarjo Arts

Illustrator and Painter

I'm Jasmine Inman... the artist behind Jarjo Arts. I have enjoyed drawing, doodling and making all things creative ever since I can remember. Music has also been an important part of my inspirations. Flora and fauna, sounds of life and people and all their uniqueness enhances my imagination and creates wonderful images in my head. I get lost day dreaming in my own head, and I try to put them on paper. Coming from Malaysia, I am proud of my origin and love my country and all it’s rich cultures, designs and traditions. Now that I have 2 beautiful children of my own, I desire to preserve and pass on the Malaysian heritage to the next generation. Some of my art pieces have been inspired by my childhood in Malaysia. I love having the ability to explain the little Asian details in my artwork to my children. Houses are one of my favourite subjects, and no doubt there will be quite a few in my art collections. I create my art by drawing on paper with black ink pens. Then, I digitally add pops of colour and create different versions depicting different moods. Occasionally, I also love getting absorbed in a painting, a brush in hand and music on in my ears. It had been a privilege and honour that I have been invited to illustrate for a series of piano books called Classic Musical Moments - Piano Solos with Theory Practice. The idea behind this was to draw inspiration from the music pieces in the book and come up with a unique drawing for each. To date, there are now 6 books in the series. I hope you enjoy browsing my creations on my site, do drop me an email to say hello!