Jo Hughes

Pen & Ink Abstract Art

I produce black ink drawings using Rotring Technical pens and nibs of various sizes. Although I draw freehand, I also use rulers, protractors, compasses, stencils and shapes as additional tools. Whilst I sometimes use coloured inks (red, blue, gold, silver) I find the impact is not the same or as effective as black on white. Having said that, I am experimenting with white ink on black paper. A spontaneous 'artist', rarely planning my drawings, I always start in the middle of the piece of paper and construct my work outwards. I would have to say my inspiration is the blank sheet of paper and the first line and/or shape I draw. I'm often asked what I do if something goes wrong: as I don't plan my drawings this rarely happens! I try to achieve designs which are sometimes delicate, intricate and precise, at other times, bolder and stronger in their impact. I’ve been told my pictures ‘grow on you’ in that each time you look at them you see something else: a different angle, an extra 'bit' coloured in randomly or purposely (was that a mistake?!) an unusual shape or definition, which encourages you to look again … and again. I just enjoy drawing!

Telephone: 07891 583657