Julia Roberts-Brown

Ceramics  |  Visit Open Studio

I have been making ceramics for 23 years and love the constant learning process involved with it. I work mainly in white stoneware, crank and porcelain creating every day usable wares for the home and decorative garden totems, tree charms and bird baths. I also make sea glass pendant necklaces on silver chains and wirework beaded suncatchers. I take inspiration from the surrey country side and the Cornish coastline. Many glazes that I use reflect the colours of the cliffs and sea around the Lizard in Cornwall, which I visit every year taking photos for reference. I have been teaching for Adult education in Guildford for 12years and am also the pottery technician at two centers, dealing for students work, firing and glaze making. For me it is my dream job! I work from my garden studio which I love and can lose many hours creating and playing with glazes. It was a joy in lockdown, being able to have the time to pot to my hearts content.

Telephone: 01372 454430 07963217277