Julia Rudens


Julia’s paintings are stream experiments with textures and colours. Her works represent a spectacular fusion of intuitive and impressionistic intro spiced with ‘grunge-n-rustic’ elements. She describes her works as decorative art, based on creatively composed enchanting colourful specks, splashes and delineations, emerging as truly atmospheric images smoothly intertwining with your home or office interiors. Julia indulges her canvases with splashes and strokes of gold, silver, bronze and a powerful mixture of shiny and glossy colours, making their shimmering transfusion truly eye-catching in any environment. At the moment, she is interested in realistic colored-pencil drawings on paper. Julia is a self-taught artist, working with acrylic, mixed media, and colored pencils. She stirs her spirit and creates her works in a small home studio in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

Telephone: 07801983943