Julia Stockwell-Hamid

Fine-Art, Sculpture, Jewellery

Julia is a multidisciplinary artist working in silver as a jeweller, sculptor and fine artist - where she weaves silver into her paintings and uses her hallmark as her signature. Julia creates conceptual art pieces that connect us using the theme of water to show this connectivity. ‘One day I was watching children jumping in puddles - I wanted to capture that happy memory and was inspired to create my ‘Splash’ rings’ Children all over the world love playing with water - whether it is a child playing in the sea in Tanzania, under a waterfall in Mexico or splashing in a puddle in the UK. It is in these happy memories we are all equal and feel connected to nature and our common humanity. In essence her work is about weaving those threads of our shared humanity together. Julia has exhibited widely in the UK being part of group exhibitions and solo shows, and abroad where her paintings were shown at the East Africa Art Biennale and East Africa Art Safari. All pieces of work are crafted individually by hand and hallmarked at the Assay office, London. Julia is a member of The Society of British Jewellers.