Julie Latham

Stained Glass, Mosaic, Copper Wire Sculptures.

Julie Latham AKA Puffin Jools. Growing up my life was focused around my love for animals. I so looked forward to our holidays in Cornwall on the farm. I took art at school but drawing bowls of fruit on the table was not my thing, I wanted to be more hands on creating and making a mess. I went to an all girls school that unfortunately did not offer the exciting stuff like woodwork and metalwork, I was so jealous of the projects my brother brought home. I left school and instead of the Arts and Craft route I followed my heart and spent 18 years in animal husbandry, then a further 18 years in horticulture, which I still do part time. My animal fix is fulfilled by my adorable crazy cats and geriatric dog. Over the years I have dabbled in many (too many) crafts, and thankfully recently I have focused on a few I enjoy the most. These include stained glass, glass mosaic, wool felting, pyrography (wood burning ) wire and wood sculptures. These crafts are all inspired by my love of nature, wildlife and the countryside around me.