Kerry Ferris

Mixed media print & textiles

Hello, its lovely of you to read my bio! I’m Kerry, and my work is created using a combination of textiles, mixed media, and lino printing. Nature is my observation, the natural world, mother earth and all her beautiful plants, animals, seasons, the sun, moon, and the stars. I love colour, textures and fabrics. I’m inspired by my environment, which then releases my creative spark for my work. Sketchbooks are my best friend, doodling & drawing; storing ideas until a piece of work emerges. Using vintage fabrics, collected natural objects, I print / sew onto the backgrounds and then embellish with hand embroidery & various mark making techniques. The fabrics and materials used are all recycled, and it is important for my work to show my love of textures and floral patterns. This resulting in a creation that could create a narrative, evoke a memory or simply speak of the moment. All my work is made from my home, surrounded by woods in Surrey.