Louise Burnett


My creative process starts with what can only be described as piles of A5 quick en- situ sketches and watercolours alongside photographs from the scene. I like to be surrounded by the feeling and atmosphere of my ideas for paintings. I often rush down to the River behind where I live to catch the sunrise and then later across to other direction to a local lake to catch the sunset! For years, I have been filling my studio with images, clippings of things that interest me. It is these that eventually end up as the starting point for a new painting. The images that I have gathered together, form the background to my work. This is how it happened with the latest collection through the March – June 2020 Lockdown period – where my work has been strongly influenced by regular daily walks and capturing the changing skies and landscapes. I gather information is similar to early years of using a scrap book to collect that are of Interest to me, collecting information and material, pressing flowers and anything that catches my eye! I have always been fascinated by the sky and the way it constantly changes, with a sense of place with the landscape & my aim is to capture the atmosphere of a place adopting a kind of subliminal approach and sometimes allowing the painting to develop its own story through unexpected results.

Telephone: 07971520035