Lucie Flynn

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Lucie Flynn is a contemporary artist who has moved into creating large scale paintings on the streets, her work is instantly recognisable and stands out loud and proud - nothing comes close to her dynamic style and the path in which she practices her form.  Using combinations of spray paint, acrylic, inks and collage, Flynn builds bright, clashing palettes with bold sweeps and splatters, layers of paint pulse and crackle. Lucie has become well known for her love of colour and a freedom of expression that is very much linked to her own personnel style with an authenticity to her artwork that is easy for the viewer to connect with. She has engaged in numerous collaborations with artists and designers, producing compelling pieces of artwork as well as managing a consistently strong link with her client base for private commissions and creative projects. Her work has a strong female following due to the connection with motherhood and a woman's unique energy. Lucie Flynn’s work has garnered recognition and is held in various private collections, both in the UK and internationally.