Margie Haslewood


Art is my passion, colour and form intrigue me. I am a painter and sculptor based in East Molesey, Surrey. My inspiration comes in many forms, whether it be a posy of beautiful flowers, colourful fruit or interesting scene. Drawing allows me to observe shape, form and value. I love sketching and my sketches form part of my reference material back in the studio. My preferred media are oil painting and clay sculpture. I especially love painting still life scenes. Having my own studio allows me to play with different media and do what I love. I will be teaching in my new studio in 2021 (hopefully). ​I was born in South Africa and, I think that this has created a desire in me to surround myself with bright, cheerful things. I am attracted to colour, line, form and my driving force is to create and enable others in finding their own creative space/ journey. I paint mainly from life and my medium of choice is oils but I do paint in acrylics, gouache and watercolour. I think that part of the fun of painting still life, is the setting it all up. Creating a pleasing design is paramount in creating a dynamic painting. Each painting is a journey and I often find that the set-up phase takes the longest time. I have been through many phases where I explored various styles of painting but I think that I will accept that some days are detail days and others are playful days. In fact, I fully embrace the saying: “Paint just wants to have fun!”. I started my artistic journey in 2008 after several years in nursing and running a busy wholesale business. I needed to de-stress and what better way to do this than by being creative. I started with ceramics first, learning from Maxi Heyman in S Africa. I attended Frank Joubert Art School in 2010 expanding my knowledge of ceramics and added other media to enable my drawing and painting skills. I have studies online with Dennis Perrin and Kelli Folsom. I was also a member of Easel Insight. I have done many workshops and online lessons. I am a member of several art societies and groups and enjoy days out sketchhing locally and in London. I recently returned from “en plein air” painting in Norfolk. My solo exhibition at the Fountain Gallery was most successful in 2018. I have exhibited work in South Africa and the UK and my paintings can be found in homes as far a field as Australia. I am a member of Surrey Artists and exhibit in the Surrey Artists’ Open Studios. I recently brought back Zellen Paint from S Africa to sell in the UK I hope that you can get a sense of my passion as you view my paintings and read my blog on my website.