Marty Farrer-Williams

Painter  |  Visit Open Studio

I failed my A-Levels, that’s where this all began. I tried the academic route, and it was not for me. I’d got a guitar and that’s all I could think about, so I went off to college/ Uni for music and 10+ years of recording, gigging, and touring followed, with some success. That’s where the creativity really started to come to the forefront. I began to doodle and paint as a hobby and was enjoying the freedom of being able to work on my own. I was creating some half decent art and enjoying myself when 2020 came around and we were all thrown into lockdown. This gave me an opportunity to explore my new creative passion. It gave me hours every day of painting and generally throwing ink and paint around to find my style. Just before this I’d moved house and put a couple of pieces into a group exhibition at the museum. I got some good feedback which made me start to think this was something I could pursue. I went into obsession mode and with the time during lock down I made a phenomenal amount of work in the spare bedroom. I now own Gallery Thirteen in Haslemere and work out of my studio which is situated out the back of the gallery. I paint somewhere between Abstract, Surrealism and Street art. My main mediums are Ink and Spray paint, I tend to do some form of mixed media. I visualise feelings, emotions, and their lives within our subconscious. Welcome to my mind.