S A R A H C O X | P A I N T E R


S A R A H C O X | L A N D S C A P E P A I N T E R I am at my happiest when outside and walking the landscape. I love to take in the seasons and experience the ever changing landscape. I respond intuitively to each of the landscapes that I have walked and seek to capture the elemental nature and energy of a place rather than to record a literal interpretation. I like to contrast elements of tight, structured paint work with loose, atmospheric washes and gestural marks. Colour and texture are both dominant elements in my paintings. Expect to see a mixture of sweeping brush strokes, palette knife work, dripping paint, scratched back surfaces and washy pools of paint. Like the patina of time, my work is multi-layered and built up and scraped back over time. Base layers are often revealed in part and this adds both depth and textural variety to my outcomes. My main medium is acrylic but I also like to incorporate spray paint, inks and oil bar into the mix. My favourite places to walk and sketch here in the United Kingdom include the Surrey Hills, Devon/Cornwall Coastline and the Lake District. If you would like to visit my studio at any time during the year, then please send me an email to arrange a convenient time slot sarah@sjcoxart.co.uk

Telephone: 07832259595