Camilla Camp

Fine Art Photographer

I originally trained in traditional fine art with a speciality in oil painting. When I became a mother I found it hard to find the time, space and peace of mind that I needed to paint, so I decided to try a medium in which I had never tried before but seemed much more conducive with this time in my life, photography. I took several courses in digital photography and eventually found my way with the new medium as well as a love for it. I enjoy looking for how the light falls and illuminates things in nature as well as finding unique moments in life that are sweet. My style has been described as being calm and pensive, as well as having a feel of an oil painting which reflects both my personality and my original love. I like working with rich colours and playing with light and interesting compositions as well. I've printed my images on a variety of high quality, often textured, paper to add to the painterly feel.

Telephone: 07969069691