Chantelle Watson

Painter  |  Visit Open Studio

Ever since I was a child I’ve had a strong connection to nature, be it with the ever changing ocean or exploring the mountains where I grew up – curious about the shapes, angles and colours Mother Nature has to share with us. I photograph the beauty I encounter on my excursions, absorb the energy from mountains, gasp at the colours, the wildness and the power of the natural world I stand within at that moment. These are the times when I feel all my senses are at their peak. I paint not only what I see in those moments, but I’m inspired by what and how I feel within. I become the mountains, the sky, the clouds, the movement in the water and the grass. All these elements are so different, but connected to form a landscape of which we are part. I hope to share this sense of freedom with those who look at my work and hope they find their own special moments within them

Telephone: 07769860394