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As an Artist, Irina draws inspiration from nature which, in her world, is often transported into a different dimension, where distortion, ambiguity and contrast are at home, and where the viewer is constantly invited to ‘complete’ the image – it all adds to overall aesthetic experience. A powerful dynamism, sprinkled with lots of emotional nuances, these are notes deeply rooted in her own background. A lifelong career as an Architect gives her the strength to break through and embrace the freedom to create and explore art at its core, without any constraints. Having started painting during the pandemic, her work is continuously evolving towards something new, sometimes transcendental, where the viewer is continuously encouraged to go beyond the first 'screenshot' of the image, hopefully to discover new elements of the unfolded story, hidden somewhere underneath the initial visual experience of colour, contrast, texture and shapes. It is an invitation to be part of this rollercoaster of emotional experience which is in complete contrast with her career as an Architect. As controversial as it may sound, Art and Architecture talk to each other in a barrier-free and unique way.

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