Tamara Williams

Printmaker, Painter, Textile designer  |  Visit Open Studio

Tamara is a designer printmaker, specialising in mixed media painting and plaster cast intaglio and relief printmaking. Her design background informs and influences her work from a love of composition and visual space through to the energy and freedom of abstract line work. Ideas always start with drawing using a mix of line weights, with the negative space as much a feature as the positive. Each plaster cast is unique, adding individual form and texture to enhance the original ideas by creating a 3-d effect that is far more interesting and rewarding. More recently, Tamara has launched RubyKite, transforming her original pieces of art into limited edition silk and cashmere scarves. Each colour story is printed in more sustainable small batches to create limited editions that stand-out as truly original in a world of mass production. Tamara sells her print works through Ruby Kite Arts & Scarves and through exhibitions, galleries and contemporary craft events.