Art by Lizzie, Laura, Susie and Evie

Liz, Laura, Susanna and Eveline are a Surrey based group of friends with a common love of nature, landscape and dance. This shared passion and a longing to revisit earlier creative outlets led to regular meetings to sketch, paint together and develop their artistic practice. They invite you to meet them today to see their diverse range of paintings, prints and mosaics with abstract, figurative and landscape works in large and small formats.

Liz has a deep interest in nature and landscape. Her careful observation of natural forms, particularly forests and coastal scenes, inspires her work. Her passion for dance also features in her work. Liz is a self-taught artist, working in acrylics, oils and mixed media.

Laura uses natural forms, shapes and colour to capture feelings of energy in landscape in abstract form, using mainly acrylics on larger canvasses and more recently creating small mosaics on board. She has exhibited in AdLib Gallery in Wimbledon.

Susanna’s work is inspired by the dramatic countryside of the Scottish Highlands and her love of the natural world.  She is drawn to the atmospheric seas and skies of Sutherland, using colour and texture to define her work.  Painting in oils or acrylics Susanna captures the mood and light in these remote places.  Susanna also works as a printmaker creating limited edition linocut reduction prints based on observational sketches of Scottish wildflowers, animals and landscapes.

Creativity has always played a passionate part of Eveline’s life, whether in art, drama, music or dancing. Teaching has given her the unique opportunity to share these skills with younger students. Her love of bright colours, abstract shapes and figurative form using a variety of media like acrylics, pastels, inks and oils, can be seen  clearly in the energy of her work. Eveline has exhibited in the Wimbledon Worple Art Exhibition.



Work for sale
£50 - £500 Cash or bank transfer

Visiting information
The garden studio is accessible through the side gate and garden. There are a few shallow steps to negotiate.

Transport Details
Reigate train station is a 20 minute walk through Reigate town and Priory Park. Bus stops are 5 minutes walk.


109 Park Lane East, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8LH

Telephone: 07958071754

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Art by Lizzie, Laura, Susie and Evie

109 Park Lane East, Reigate, Surrey RH2 8LH, UK

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