Jan Dagley


My work is either in response to poetry or smell, specifically perfume, and is in two and three dimensions. It is based on the concept of synaesthesia, where one sense stimulates another sense or senses.

My large abstract paintings are a combination of acrylics and oils with raw pigment and other materials such as carborundum. The use of bold, energetic and vibrant colours in my paintings is also reflected in my ceramics, which are generally hand built using coils. They are statement pieces.

I use a combination of slips, underglazes, stains and glazes on my ceramics which allow me to paint with the free gestural marks I use in my paintings and achieve an overall synergy across the two mediums.

Each vessel is topped by a ‘crest’ which unites the work, giving it a ‘family’ feel.  The flat, graphic silhouettes of the crests provide an interesting juxtaposition with the rounded forms of the vessels. I also make large free-standing totems and platters.

All my ceramics are fired to stoneware so can be placed inside or outside.

I have an MA in Fine Art and an MA in ceramics. I exhibit widely across the UK and also run courses from my studio.


My studio is in the garden. Some of my work, particularly paintings, will be in the studio with the ceramics displayed in the garden.


Work for sale
Prices range from £15 to £1,650

Visiting information
Wheelchair access is difficult due to level changes

Place to eat
The Marquis of Granby at the Scilly Isles roundabout and Costa and George's at Hinchley Wood shops.

Transport Details
The K3 bus stops at Hinchley Wood station which is about a 7 minute walk to the studio.

Featured on Artist Trail
Esher, Molesey and Walton

65 Harefield, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9TG

Telephone: 07949203880

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Jan Dagley

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Jan Dagley

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