Libby Daniels at Little Green Studio

The coast and countryside offer numerous influences for the forms and decorated surfaces of my pots. 

Sea-worn flint pebbles collected from the beach, with their surprising colours and abstract patterns give rise to freely formed pots. Using a variety of techniques, pieces are thrown and altered then coils are added and rims shaped. Others are stamp impressed and slab formed. The handmade clay stamps of birds, fish and plants give impressed motifs and textures into the surface. The distinctive, precise coloured line of the rims are an exact margin from the exterior to interior of the vessel.

I am imagining each pebble  as a hollow object rather than a solid form. The layers of hand painted, thin underglaze in blue, grey, green and orange echo the abstract markings and patterns of the pebbles.

A sense of the sky, birds in flight, water  and fish are the elemental characteristics I aim to include in my pots.


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Visiting information
Free parking can usually be found on the road. Enter the garden via the gate on the left of the house. Access is mostly level gravel with two small steps. Toilet available.

Place to eat
Nearest pub 10 minutes walk

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Haslemere mainline station 20 minutes walk


Little Green Studio, Holly House Moorfield Haslemere GU273SH

Telephone: 07929201026

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Libby Daniels at Little Green Studio

6 Moorfield, Haslemere GU27 3SH, UK

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